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The Early Years

At the early age of 9 years old, the Lord set aside a young boy living in the deep south, Jimmy Hicks Junior, and called him to a life of ministering the Word of God and singing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This humble but impressionable child would eventually become a national recording artist, Senior Pastor of The Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc. (West Palm Beach), and district overseer of the East Coast district of churches The Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc. (ACoJ).

The Story Behind the Glory

As a child growing up in the Sunshine State, life was complete with both sunshine and rain. The scorching hot summers and hurricane forced winds of Florida would foretell the road ahead for Elder Jimmy Hicks.

To most, young Hicks was just another church boy who's upbringing taught him to respect, fear and love the Lord. During the crossroads of his life, however, Elder Hicks would lean on that very foundation that kept him as a child.

As a church boy, Hicks learned about the Word of God at a young age. This foundation would eventually enable him to confidently progress to manhood, dodging the attacks of the enemy with the Word of God as his defense. Youth is just a "Temporary Storm," says Hicks. The days of our youth are filled with many trials and tribulations; but, we must take solace in knowing that God's perfect Will,  is that none should perish." 

Elder Hicks ministers through music with the same excitement that he does on the pulpit. Delivering a fully loaded CD, with enough ministry to carry you from praise to worship, from teaching to preaching, and from ministry to outreach.  Elder Hicks wants to "pull out of the fire", those who would be otherwise lost to the world.  Lifting up the name of the Lord, as he encourages everyone to elevate their confidence in Christ by reading the Word of God and applying it to increase quality of life.

The National Recording Artist

In 2001, Elder Hicks formed a group, The Voices of Integrity (VOI). Inspired by God, he completed his first CD project "Turn it Around." AMEN Records out of Boston Massachusetts picked up this project. It went national and stayed on the National Billboard for 1 year in 2002. As of July 13, 2002, it listed as "The Highest Gainer on the National Billboard."

In 2003, Elder Hicks released Crossroads-Reloaded under record label World Wide Music, Inc. This power packed CD is fully loaded with hits like Blessed Like That, Babylon, and Crossroads, just to name a few. Blessed Like That and Babylon, in particular are two marquee songs that exemplify the energy of the entire collection of music.

 In the first quarter of 2006, Elder Hicks and World Wide Music released his third National chart buster CD "Born Blessed."   Inspired by an incident where he was a victim of a random act of violence--a near fatal crime, Elder Hicks testifies how God spared his life one more time.

"I was in a barber shop with my son when two assailants walked in with guns to rob the shop. After collecting what little change we all had, they proceeded to leave but pointed the gun toward everyone in the shop."

It was to no avail however. All I heard was a click!  That click was louder than anything in the room.  In that same moment, I didn't have time to say His name (Jesus) but in my mind, however, the prayer had already gone up.

And this is why we must pray. At all times we must seek the face of the Lord. We must establish a relationship with our heavenly Father because there will come a time when our very next breath will depend on God's intercession.

This thing happened so quickly. I didn't have time to ask God to fix it. He just did it and and I will shout it from the hills of every mountain, "I am blessed!"

The Pastor

At the early age of 9 years old, the Lord set aside Jimmy Hicks Junior and called him to a life of ministering the Word and singing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thirty-seven years later, Elder Hicks now pastors a handclapping, foot-stomping congregation.

As a pastor, Elder Hicks includes subject matter ranging from complex religious themes to simple messages of love and kindness.  No matter the topic, however, his delivery is always enthusiastic and spirit driven.  As a preacher Hicks easily transitions from scripture to real life experiences, using analogies and current events to help him communicate to his listeners.  Without rehearsal or prompt, he is able to drum up just the right words, with rhythmic timing,  and with all eyes focused --all ears tuned, Elder Hicks commands attention like a coach rallying the troops to greatness.

Like many small town churches in the south, the quaint little church in West Palm Beach sits in the middle of an economically depressed neighborhood. A huge contrast to the modern day "mega-church", but for those who visit, they are removed from that reality that surrounds them and are transported spiritually to a place of worship. People of all sizes and types are moved, from the comforts of their seat to a stance of worship and praise. The young and the old stand with hands lifted high. Some dance with an excitement of something good to come, while others shout, "hallelujah" so loud, the praises can be heard outside the wooden doors and up the street. Bill Bradberry tells of his experience in his on-line article. entitled, BLACK MENAGERIE: Invigorating New year's Eve Church Service Raised Spirits, Confirmed Faith.
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The Ministry Behind the Music

The ministry of Elder Jimmy Hicks is very simple.  Elder Hicks is a proponent of soul salvation. Elder Jimmy Hicks is a pastor without compromise who commits himself to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like the narrator of a great story, Hicks creatively addresses complex religious concepts, such as victory in modern day "spiritual warfare". 

Each music project builds on the experiences of the viewer, encouraging, motivating and offering a type of "Christian counseling" --[if you will]-- but packaged in a palatable way, suited for any taste.  His choir, the Voices of Integrity, (VOI), is like the church congregation, hand clapping, foot stomping, a congregation of spirited souls who testify to the goodness of Christ.

In spite of the increased popularity for Elder Jimmy Hicks, who now has world-wide appeal, nothing has changed in his mission to reach out to the many spirits who are crushed and faded out by the pressures of the 21rst century.

A newly inspired project on the horizon for Elder Hicks is an outreach project in his home town of West Palm Beach.  In June 2010, Elder Hicks plans to "take it to the streets" by organizing a huge event to address the topic of violence in the African American community. As one who grew up in an economically depressed neighborhood, Elder Hicks as a pastor is committed to outreach activities that feed the souls and hearts of the local residents.  In addition, however, Elder Hicks is re-investing as an activist, by coordinating with community/civic leaders to initiate alternatives to drugs, violence and gangs.  As more information is available, we will make the location and date available along with any other important details to solicit your support. Again, as of this date, Elder Hicks planned a tentative date of June 2010.

Below, is a ministry moment available only at www.jimmyhicks.com

The Music

Elder Hicks ministers as a performer with the same excitement that he does in the pulpit, always delivering a fully loaded CD with enough ministry to carry you from praise to worship, from teaching to preaching, and from ministry to outreach. Elder Hicks wants to "pull out of the fire" those who would be otherwise lost to the world; lift up the name of the Lord as he encourages everyone to elevate their confidence in Christ by declaring, "I'm Blessed Like That!"

Since the days of the old wooden church house, the ministry of gospel music has become  commercialized, mainly due to audience demand.  Ministry inadvertently is faded in the background in exchange for commercial appeal, pop culture, customer appeal, stylistics and other ambient characteristics. Nonetheless, more important than sound, style or performance is the ministry of music. When the ministry is from the heart, the Word of God can do it's job, penetrating reprobate hearts and cutting through walls of emotional pain.

Marked as one of the most prolific gospel entertainers in the nation, Elder Hicks gives a world wide congregation, ministry that can be traced directly to scriptures in the bible. "Blessed Like That" continues to gain market territory in the US and abroad and we look forward to his continued success in the Lord.

Hot Off the Press

Like an apostle on a mission, Elder Jimmy Hicks skillfully delivers sanctified and spiritual soul food, releasing hit after hand-clapping hit to a hungry gospel nation.

The latest single, "On My Way Back Up" (2010) is featured on the “Kerry Douglas Presents, Gospel Mix Vol IV” CD.


"On My Way Back Up" is an up-beat single releasethat encourages listeners to --get back up-- when knocked to the ground by circumstances and life. Tune into YouTube to catch the video debute of "Back Up" and also check out other hallelujah good-time video renditions of his award winning gospel hits. 

  For the worshipers, and prayer warriors alike, or if you simply love gospel music, then  you will enjoy the "singing, shouting, and hand-clapping" ministry of Elder Jimmy Hicks and the Voices of Integrity (VOI).





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